Stimulation Respite

Between 4 to 8 hours a week, caregivers residing in the Haut-St-Laurent territory, are entitled to these services. Homecare-providers, trained by the organization, step-in to take over responsibility from the caregiver at home.

This service allows the family to carry out various daily activities, such as running errands, going out with friends or as a couple, going to medical appointments, etc. The caregiver can also decide to stay at home while the homecare-provider oversees the loved one’s care.


Respite relief

The Respite-care service offers caregivers relief by inviting their dependant to spend a day at our center. This gives the caregiver peace of mind and tranquility to either stay at home to rest, to carry out various daily activities, or to participate in one of the organizations supportive activities. (more…)

Comfort Respite

Respite service offered 4 to 48 hours per week to caregivers who are accompanying a loved one at the end of life. This person must live in the Haut-Saint-Laurent territory. Respite homecare-provider trained by the organization take over from the caregiver at home.


Caregiving Before Exhaustion

This workshop offers caregivers tips to lighten their daily lives, develop their resilience, and help them break the isolation they might face. It is also an opportunity to share their experiences with people who are going through the same situation while being in a confidential, respectful, and inclusive space. During these meetings, caregivers can become aware of their capacities, limits, and needs. (more…)

Accompany a loved one at the end-of-life

This workshop consisting of four sessions is intended for family caregivers who are caring for a loved one at their end of life or who are on that path. Facilitated by the organization’s counselor in collaboration with a CLSC Palliative Care Consultant Nurse.


Individual support

Offers you active listening, support by a counselor, reference to other resources, and to be accompanied throughout your journey. Our counselors are there to support and accompany you in your role as a caregiver, refer you to the right resources and help with your caregiving needs.

Man-Date Lunch: Between Men Caregivers’

A monthly casual meeting, specially for male caregivers. While sharing a lunch time meal with others that understand their situation, they have a chance to get out, have fun and exchange without judgment. Participants must register first with one of our counselors. Location varies every month to discover our beautiful area.

The participant is responsible to pay for his own lunch.

Cozy Coffee

Like individual psychosocial support, Cozy coffees are a way for caregivers to share their situation and experiences with other participants. The groups offer a space for sharing that promotes respect, confidentiality, and non-judgment.  These meetings are offered in an open format, they function by registration and are animated by a facilitator.

Meetings are currently held via videoconference (Zoom or Teams) with the possibility of participating in person (limited space) according to health guidelines.


My first Xmas without you

Grieving during the holiday season can be difficult. This workshop allows people who have lost a loved one during the year to prepare themselves to live through these moments and to welcome their feelings, including grief. It is an opportunity to share and to be better equipped to deal with important moments such as the holiday season, birthdays, special days, etc.

This meeting is facilitated by a counselor.


For more information, please contact the organization.

Grief Support Group

These support workshops allow the bereaved to feel less alone and better understood in the face of what they experience on a daily basis. In a warm and respectful atmosphere, the main objective of these meetings is to allow the bereaved to better understand what they are experiencing according to the different stages of grief, to share with others and to move forward in their grieving process.