Stimulation Respite

Between 4 to 8 hours a week, caregivers residing in the Haut-St-Laurent territory, are entitled to these services. Homecare-providers, trained by the organization, step-in to take over responsibility from the caregiver at home.

This service allows the family to carry out various daily activities, such as running errands, going out with friends or as a couple, going to medical appointments, etc. The caregiver can also decide to stay at home while the homecare-provider oversees the loved one’s care.


Respite relief

The Respite-care service offers caregivers relief by inviting their dependant to spend a day at our center. This gives the caregiver peace of mind and tranquility to either stay at home to rest, to carry out various daily activities, or to participate in one of the organizations supportive activities. (more…)

Comfort Respite

Respite service offered 4 to 48 hours per week to caregivers who are accompanying a loved one at the end of life. This person must live in the Haut-Saint-Laurent territory. Respite homecare-provider trained by the organization take over from the caregiver at home.