Am I a caregiver?

We invite you to answer these questions:

  • Do you run errands for someone close to you?
  • Do you help them to wash, shave, and/or comb their hair?
  • Do you do their laundry, and/or house cleaning?
  • Do you accompany them to medical appointments?
  • Do you schedule their appointments?
  • Do you have to supervise their medication administration?
  • Do you need to assist them in their financial transactions?
  • Do you help them to move around?
  • Do you do chores around your loved one’s house?

If you have answered “yes” to some of these questions and you do it free of charge, you are a caregiver.

Since I have become a caregiver, I feel that:

  • My role as a caregiver is getting heavier.
  • Caregiving is starting to go beyond my capacity.
  • I do not have a life anymore, I feel alone.
  • Thinking about moving my loved one into a nursing home brings on feelings of guilt.
  • Accepting or asking for help is difficult and a burden.
  • My children react in a bad way to my situation.
  • We don’t have enough money, and I fear for the future.
  • I have already lost my loved one and it is hard to accept.
  • The people around me don’t have the capacity to listen to what I am going through, but at the same time, I need to talk.

If you have answered “yes” to some of these questions, please contact our organization to discover which of our services you are entitled to and which are the best fit for you.

The advantages of asking for help

  • Feeling supported
  • Know the resources
  • Better understand your role as a caregiver
  • Having tools to prevent exhaustion
  • Learn to better manage guilt
  • Know your needs
  • Feeling listened to
  • Feeling less alone


Definition of a caregiver

A person who voluntarily and without remuneration takes care of another person in their entourage with one or more temporary or permanent disabilities (handicap, accident, illness, etc.).

You are a caregiver if you: run errands for someone, cook meals, accompany them to medical appointments, assist them with their finances, or help them take a bath or get dressed.

You do not have to share the same address to be considered a caregiver.

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