Caregivers Poem : Treat Yourself with Care, November 2020

Fulfilling a promise, toiling through thin and thick.

Commitments abounding to family, friends, work and all.

No time to smell roses or savor the sunset.


Feelings suppressed, from dreams unfulfilled,

Intimacy shattered and memories erased,

friendships faded and love encaged.


Release yourself from frustration and anger.

Release yourself from the burden of guilt!

Let the tears roll free, to let out all the sadness.


Give others a chance to share in the care,

A chance to give back before it’s too late.

Link up with the world, refresh your perspective.


Dare caring for you, both your body and soul.

Release yourself to be who you are,

With dreams to fulfill while able and strong.


Embrace your life, the gift you were given,

You are not to be blamed for your loved one’s decline.


Renewed, you can blossom,

freed up from the burden of guilt and despair.


Reborn, love can flourish,

and your care can become a blessing to share.


Text Written by: Siv Golding