Respite relief

The Respite-care service offers caregivers relief by inviting their dependant to spend a day at our center. This gives the caregiver peace of mind and tranquility to either stay at home to rest, to carry out various daily activities, or to participate in one of the organizations supportive activities.

During this time, their loved one, suffering from mild to moderate Dementia or other degenerative disease which diminishes their autonomy, can participate in stimulating and adaptive activities. The intention behind these activities is to maintain their cognitive, social, and physical abilities.


– Must meet certain eligibility criteria to participate.

– Are eligible, under certain conditions, for adapted transportation offered by the organization.

– Are responsible for the cost of their lunchtime meal.

Please contact one of our Respite Center supervisors for more information.



“My father’s homecare-provider is the perfect person: calm, dedicated, smiling and reassuring. My father is always happy to see her. I feel completely at ease. Although I did not have the time to participate in your workshops for caregivers, I appreciated their availability when needed.

I greatly appreciated, during the first wave, despite the cessation of activities, that you took the time to contact me and my father. Also, the card I received for caregiver’s was superb and an encouragement for the future. Knowing that you are by our side is reassuring and supportive. Thank you for your wonderful and essential work! You are an integral part of the guardian angels of the system. ”

— Linda Thauvette, caregiver