Accompany a loved one at the end-of-life

This workshop consisting of four sessions is intended for family caregivers who are caring for a loved one at their end of life or who are on that path. Facilitated by the organization’s counselor in collaboration with a CLSC Palliative Care Consultant Nurse.

When faced with the impending death of a loved one, we may not know what to do or say. We may also feel overwhelmed by all the circumstances surrounding the medical care required for the ill person.

We risk having to face our own beliefs, values, and inevitable concessions. These meetings will allow you to reflect on your own development as well as the reality of what death represents.1

Over the course of the four-week program, caregivers will meet once a week to learn about some of the fundamental concepts related to caregiving and the end of life: the personal journey, reflection on death, the energy bank, palliative care, dying with dignity, therapeutic overkill, personal rights and spirituality, accompanying, and caring for a loved one at the end of life, pain management, psychological distress, reactions and needs at the end of life, and grief.

To know more about this program, please contact one of our counselors.

1.From the participants manual “L’accompagnement d’un proche en fin de vie” of the Maison de soutien aux Aidants