Tips for transitioning after the time change.

Tips for transitioning after the time change.


After the time change, you may be experiencing extra feelings of exhaustion. Remember to be easy on yourself during this time. The role of a caregiver is already very demanding.


Here are some ideas to ease the transition during the time change.


  1. go to sleep an hour earlier.

We can’t stop the time change from happening, but we can try to ease the transition by going to bed earlier. Starting today, begin your bedtime routine an hour earlier. By Sunday, you will be better equipped to transition when the time springs forward.


  1. Ask your entourage for help.

As caregivers, we sometimes feel an obligation to juggle all our responsibilities ourselves. Asking your loved ones for help can ease the transition during the time change. Some things they can help with could be:

Cooking some freezable meals

Spending time with your loved one so you can rest

Making some phone calls or appointments for you

Simply listening to you


  1. Be kind to yourself.

You may feel additional feelings of exhaustion during this time. It is normal to have difficulty getting through the day. Remind yourself that the transition is hard and leave the kitchen to be cleaned another day.


  1. Practice relaxation techniques

Feeling tired can affect our nervous system. We may feel more impatient than usual. Our frustration tolerance may be lowered. Practicing breathing techniques or meditating can help you feel more centered, and better able to tackle your day.


  1. Call us for support.

We offer a variety of services to help you through your caregiver journey. Speaking to one of our counselors can help relieve your stress and worries about your loved one. Our counselors have a vast amount of knowledge to guide you through difficult times.

Transitioning through difficult times is not easy, but we can ease the transition by using the tools available to us. Preparing in advance, asking for help, and using the proper resources can help you with your caregiving role. Call us today to begin your journey with our qualified team.


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