Fundraising Campaign – Yoga in Flowers


 Saint-Chrysostome, Wednesday, July 20, 2022 – As a celebration of the organization’s 25th anniversary, Les Aidants du Haut-Saint-Laurent is launching a new fundraising campaign – Yoga in Flowers.

The objective of the fundraising campaign is to raise over $2,000.00 to support caregivers in their journey.

The event will take place on the weekend of August 27 and 28, 2022 in a charming location in the St-Anicet area at our valued partner Au Beau Pré.

Yoga sessions led by Francis Renaud will be offered on Saturday August 27th at a cost of $15.00 per participant. (In case of rain, they will be postponed to Sunday, August 28). In addition, participants will be invited to visit the site and pick up their own bouquet of flowers (at your expense). A food truck will be available on site.

We will have an information booth throughout the two days. You are welcome to come and see us. Donations will be accepted during all transactions at Au Beau Pré on August 27th and 28th.

Les Aidants du Haut-Saint-Laurent has been specializing in the prevention of caregiver burnout for over 25 years. Located in Saint-Chrysostome, the non-profit organization supports hundreds of caregivers each year from the beginning of the loss of autonomy of their loved one until the bereavement period, in addition to offering training, support groups and a respite service. Through this work, the organization aims to help caregivers have a better quality of life.

To purchase tickets, you can visit our website at:

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Source: Julie Paquette

Executive Director, Les Aidants du Haut-Saint-Laurent


Newslettre 25th anniversary

Les Aidants du Haut-Saint-Laurent is very pleased to celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.  After several months of design work, we are excited to share our new visual identity with you. The organization is officially unveiling its new name and logo to the community. You have the privilege of being the first to read our special edition newsletter which is a review of our journey over the years, our evolution, and our new features.

Newsletter 25th anniversary

Remise des Prix d’excellence du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux

Remise des Prix d’excellence du réseau de la santé et des services sociaux

Caregivers Poem : Treat Yourself with Care, November 2020

Fulfilling a promise, toiling through thin and thick.

Commitments abounding to family, friends, work and all.

No time to smell roses or savor the sunset.


Feelings suppressed, from dreams unfulfilled,

Intimacy shattered and memories erased,

friendships faded and love encaged.


Release yourself from frustration and anger.

Release yourself from the burden of guilt!

Let the tears roll free, to let out all the sadness.


Give others a chance to share in the care,

A chance to give back before it’s too late.

Link up with the world, refresh your perspective.


Dare caring for you, both your body and soul.

Release yourself to be who you are,

With dreams to fulfill while able and strong.


Embrace your life, the gift you were given,

You are not to be blamed for your loved one’s decline.


Renewed, you can blossom,

freed up from the burden of guilt and despair.


Reborn, love can flourish,

and your care can become a blessing to share.


Text Written by: Siv Golding


Thank you for caregiving – Caregiver Recognition November 2020

When someone takes the time to listen,

When someone reaches out,

When someone does thoughtful thing

That makes you warm throughout.

When someone lends a helping hand,

Finds ways in which to share

When someone makes you feel secure,

By always being there.

When someone senses there are times

When you have specials needs,

When someone gives you inner strength

Through words as well as deeds.

When someone seems to take an interest

In just how you’re faring,

It’s time to tell that special someone

Thanks so much for caring!

Author: Unknow


Caregiving without Exhaustion Workshop

Instructor – Debbie is inspirational!  She is a professional and caring person who made me feel at ease speaking about personal and sensitive subjects She was always well prepared and I believe she is a true subject matter expert!

Content – All the modules were clear and relative to my situation. The chapters on Needs & Rights as well as Changes were probably the most impactful.  Although the information on Guilt, Health and Resources were also extremely valuable. Negotiating a Contract was probably the least interesting but worth covering.  All the handouts are useful and relevant references. We were a small group so we covered everything within the time allotment.  Well Done!

Delivery mode:  It was the first time Debbie delivered this course online but we didn’t experience any major issues. The Zoom platform was fairly new to me and I thought it worked well for our small class.

Summary: I feel much better equipped to continue my caregiver support role after taking this workshop. This course taught me some new life skills, with strategies to assist me be a more positive and healthy person. I feel less alone now that I know Debbie and your organization are there to support me and my family.  I will recommend your services to anyone.  – Wanda Rankin


First I want to thank you for everything! I really enjoyed every session we had together, even if some days I felt exhausted and it took everything I had in me to log on! You made these sessions worthwhile for me and i greatly appreciate it. Every session was filled with useful information as well as tools for the present and the future.  There wasn’t a day that you weren’t happy to be with us and share your gift.

The session I found the hardest was of course changes and guilt, but you helped me work through it all with a smile and encouragement. I still have a lot of learning to do about myself and some changes to make but I feel that with the guidance, information and tools you provided I will be able to succeed as a caregiver for my mom and become a better and more positive person. Again, I appreciate everything and I will most definitely make use of everything I have learnt.  – Anonymous


Really enjoyed workshops – very respectful and safe environment. – Anonymous


That we are not always able to change the inevitable but that we can make the trip as enjoyable as we are willing to try. – Anonymous


Cozy Coffee

I have enjoyed meeting with Debbie outside this summer. I don’t often have a chance to just sit and be in the present. And the bonus – to be there with others who really truly understand. – Pat Clark


Grief group support

This support group for grieving, I definitly recommend for understanding the stages, emotions and support by other in the same situation. The group was small and we develop a special bond. You aren’t alone. – J.L. Howick


Thank you Debbie for animating the ten week grief support group sessions. They have helped me cope with my grief and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life. It was encouraging to be told that i was exhibiting courage and strenght. I know that I am not at the end of my grief journey but i believe that these sessions have brought me to a more peaceful place in my heart as you had hope in your welcome letter. – Pearl


I was very hesitant to sign up for this 10 weeks’ commitment. BUT it definitely was worth while. – Anonymous


Home Respite

It helps me a lot. The time to do the things I needed to take care of. Especially knowing I had someone to depend on. Everything was perfect! I never had anyone as nice as she was! – Anonymous


It’s gives me a break and I know my mom is in good hands and safe. My mom gets along great with Eugenie. She enjoys her company. – Anonymous


Summer activity

The painting day was the highlight of my summer. I value an activity that I do not have to organize or clean up when it is over. My world felt a little lighter as I let my worries go and got lost in the activity. And Bonus! the paintings we produced were fantastic!

Vicky was hesitant about the paint day. She is always hesitant. She loved it.

I have been a caregiver most of my whole life. It is very draining. Caregiving for so many, many years had left no time for me. Les Aidant Naturels has helped me understand the importance of caring for myself too. I am getting better doing me.

Thanks Tara for all you do. – Pat Clark


Testimonials from members of our team

Testimonial from a summer student 

Enrichment, fulfillment and discovery are the words that come to mind when I think of the summer I spent with Les Aidants Naturels du Haut-Saint-Laurent. From my first day with my new team, I felt welcomed and appreciated. During my eight weeks at work, I made incredible connections with my colleagues, but also with the caregivers and the loved one’s.


Being a caregiver: Every journey is unique

Embarking on the caregiver’s journey is an experience that can come with unimaginable hardships. The caregiver undergoes many transitions, ranging from the onset of the loved one’s illness, the shock of the diagnosis, understanding the disease, and then taking the necessary steps to care for them. The role of the caregiver is one of exploration that is in constant evolution. Unique on to itself.

As the journey unfolds and responsibilities accumulate, the caregiver finds themselves unprepared for their role. The motivation to care for their loved ones challenges them to push their kindness, patience, and tolerance to the edge. The level of dedication displayed by the caregiver comes at the cost of their values, needs and limits. Faced with the obstacle of overcoming exhaustion, they begin to feel overwhelmed.


The Caregivers Journey : Being a caregiver without realizing it

Why is it so difficult to identify ourselves as family caregivers when it is the intuitive thing to do for a loved one? Compassion, empathy and being of service come naturally to those with a strong sense of family and community. Whether it be a parent, a spouse or a close friend that is declining in health or has a debilitating disease, the busiest one is usually the first to step in. The journey starts here without even a thought of how it will affect us in the long run.

Often, when a loved one becomes ill or declines in health, complete focus is placed on their care and/or recovery. Without even a thought, does the caregiver question their own needs. (That would seem selfish).